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AXON 7 now has Android Nougat & Daydream available in Australia

ZTE Axon 7

The AXON 7 has been on Sale since the 17th of October(presale event) and continues selling above expectations. But now ZTE has released the Android Nougat update for Australian users and has had it's price reduced to $599 outright, which makes it both the most cost effective flagship android handset and the stepping stone into Virtual Reality with Google Daydream available today.

ZTE is pleased to announce that Android Nougat has now been released in Australia and as it is version 7.1.1 the device now has full Daydream support. Daydream is the Google VR solution for mobile devices and it brings a whole new realm of entertainment and education options.

See the product page for more details here.

The official Press Release is linked here.